I have a secret.

I’d like to tell you about it one day.

I’m not entirely proud of it.

But, I am.

I know you won’t judge me

And would rather get to know me.

Concluding actions are unknown bee.

Emotions take a number.

Sometimes I’m out of control.

Last night 3 sheets to the wind kind of toll.

It’s your fault;

I noticed game ran back to me from afar and that should have not unfold.

Maybe it’s nothing.

Maybe it’s you lashing out.

Maybe it’s you saying I’m here, where are you?

In mean time acting out.

I’m listening.

I’m just not hearing you, yet.

I’m here.

I’m just not filling my world yet but, have you in my thoughts, bet.

You have my mind, bet.

You have my dreams, bet.

If I have your heart you’ll have my heart, bet.

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