Love? what it means to me that is.

Love is an action.

The action to decide in respecting another and there wishes even if it’s not their own.

It’s allowing space and time.

If truly In love and or have high regard for such love;

It’s to wait.

Love is having the ability to see past one’s own agenda and or inner sensations.

It’s a mature frame of mind many do not and will not process or possess.

I am not shallow.

I am shy with certain emotions but, assertive with what matters.

I am sweet but, also will not be taken advantage of; repeatedly.

I love hard once I choose who to love.

I see past transgressions and apply a genuine gaze.

It’s a choice I’ll make and no one else’s.

Who I choose to love

It’s who I choose to build up.

It’s who i will grow beside with while experiencing life and it’s changes.

It will not matter how we got there.

What matters is whether or not we’re on the same page.

That page is called honesty and loyalty.

Honesty is the price one pays regardless of the pain.

Pain is love. Love is pain.

Both are felt without presence when a greater force has a play in the hand of life’s game.

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