Passing by…

There’s a reason why I have never gotten drunk; but, i like and enjoy a drink(s).

Just like there’s a reason why time to me is valuable. Although at times I decide to do absolutely nothing with time and enjoy it.

One thing is certain, careers are not made if spending your next day to recuperate is constantly reoccurring.

Does anyone ever trust completely a drunk? Or someone who is always high and or talks about getting high like it’s a winning subject?

Is that a character to want?

Why can’t it just be occasional, amiable and not destroying? And why both at all times? … of the day for many

Isn’t that bitter when one really thinks about it?

Most times, those who are negative with everything, on a daily, are why most times I rather be a loner.

It’s one thing to be serious and assertive as I truly can’t sugar coat things if I sincerely care about a person. Whether this is liked or not. It’s another to be narcissistic, self sabotaging and ungrateful to the natural highs mother nature provides us.

Mountains, coastlines with hills, the ocean, grand trees, the sun, the moon, clouds, friendly animals, can’t-touch animals, birds, sunrises, sunsets and the stars. Beautifully built buildings within amazing scapes are also intoxicating pleasures.

One can’t truly enjoy these highs if constantly numbed. Because when entirely numb productivity is low; and when productivity is low, life is low.

To want control without self control is a self wrecking weapon. Its undeniably insecurity.

Those easy to manipulate are those high with insecurities.

For those who need to hear this… rid of some insecurity and I promise life will be different.

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