Life of the game…

Many have embraced jail for MaryJane

Only to have one of those facilities say hello nearby

True intentions hidden with a fad

One of the nations largest MaryJane industries

They did not know

They were told its soon to close

Due to its decline in inmate control

So to keep that fib

Sport facilities nearby were created

Soccer, lacrosse, baseball, football fields

you name it

It welcomed everyone and new families arose

To encompass a decade later

40 acres of soil into what many have died for

Served long sentences for

Lost life for

I hold no doubt anger will commence as life lost is not a game

Life wasted because of others narrow mentality is a shame

Life is so beautiful

Some may have deserved there sentences but for those who did not

Life to them was treated like a game.

Coming near you in 2023 at Warwick, NY. fields of maryjane

It’s not a game.

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