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The moment a requested opinion turns into an internal projected idea… please don’t ask me again or I will hurt your feelings It takes a better man to win over a woman with options then to take advantage of a woman with a weak mindset or inexperience I am too much of a happy person … Continue reading Oblivious

Discovered solitude

It’s not possible to find someone thought ofwithin before lies were revealed, afteraccepting.So, acknowledge loss. Sometimes loss is seen as a failure when intruth loss most times is nothing less than owin. Win of future forethought.Win of learning that for which one can’t undoin which has now seen and can live. Extending commitment overtime is … Continue reading Discovered solitude


My grandfather on mom side was a Marine for his country and dad side, an amazing Baker. This might explain why I am so headstrong while also liking to be taken care of. Sweet but, sometimes hated. Hated but, always loved. Loved. I am a lover. Always- Loved.


I am not perfect. But, I am, a work of art. I require intimacy But, also love to go hard. I am pain. I am fire to your flame. Rain to your shame. Calm to your lost frame. When I paint or snap away. It’s my heart leading the way. Many intricacies, qualities, emotions and … Continue reading Adapt


Sad eyes become magic eyes with light Stay bright , AIR – with fight Whether April, May or Heat Waves It’s designed. Sweet air eyes.


If i no longer write a sentence, at a minimum, or send voice texts and you are only getting gif’s or one word responses from me… I’m no longer interested and have not blocked your number as you still serve an agenda. If I do not respond and or stay quiet. It’s because I might … Continue reading Status


Sometimes the demise of others in some form creates humor for the rest whom need light and fun. Not so to laugh at them but, to see a bigger picture. Life is surreal like that.

Et tu, brute!

I smirk when I have forecasted what I see. Open eyes, mind listening, game running. Question is, do i stop it from happening?! Predictability is not always conscience.


I have a secret. I’d like to tell you about it one day. I’m not entirely proud of it. But, I am. I know you won’t judge me And would rather get to know me. Concluding actions are unknown bee. Emotions take a number. Sometimes I’m out of control. Last night 3 sheets to the … Continue reading Touché

Two and Wine

I grabbed something of you and created something I’d like to blow up and give you. As a “fuck you” of course. I call it “Lotus” I know you’ll love it. I hide but, I’m here. June remains a force dear. If May is it, I’ll compromise with fear. Better not diss me twice; as … Continue reading Two and Wine


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